Our team is positioned to conduct deep dive, primary research that is supported by a network of subject matter and industry experts. Whether it is acquiring new technology or vetting of a potential product line ahead of an investment, Radius provides clear insight into the information that matters. Our products are provided in a timely and discreet manner in order to preserve first mover status or a client’s strategic intentions.

We specialize in the fields of aerospace, information technology, telecommunications and defense. Additionally, we have robust experience in the areas of renewable energy, manufacturing and infrastructure in developing countries and emerging markets.

In order to provide the appropriate product, we work closely with our clients’ in-house market and competitive analysis teams to design a gap assessments that take into account the decision makers’ needs. Only then does Radius engage its country and industry-specific advisors to address factors like:

  • Competitors
  • Supplier Viability
  • Distribution Networks
  • Logistics
  • Governmental Policy
  • Local Human Capital Resources
  • Game-changing Technology

Our network of advisors also allows us to assist in the vetting of potential hires or opportunities for investment across a number of industries. Radius’ primary research can apply these resources to foreign investments, supply chains, and potential distributor networks as needed to inform business activities across various sectors.