Innovation is often derived from the hard work of individuals and institutions working to better society while pursuing their passions. Whether in a start-up or a university laboratory, Radius works with engineers, medical professionals, scientists, and entrepreneurs to find ways of ensuring this technology has an impact on the world. Radius pairs emerging technology with corporations that are best positioned to foster its growth and advancement. We also work with corporations to identify new technology that can have a significant impact on the way we live our lives, do business, and care for our sick. As a result, funding is made available to those who are creating the engineering marvels of tomorrow, and corporations have access to the latest to tools available to push the limits of imagination today.

Our approach to technology development and brokerage supports:

Entrepreneurs and Researchers
Our first step in working with entrepreneurs and researchers is to provide a thorough overview of the prospective market or industry in which the technology will enter. Radius also provides these clients with the anonymous and protected insights of various technical and industry experts in order to inform any further research and development. After the technology has received all the resources at our disposal, Radius works with our robust network of corporate partners to identify an avenue for market entry. We recognize that not all corporations have the same resources or values necessary to support a given technology’s commercialization. Radius is proud of its personal and tailored approach to technology transfer and brokerage services.

Corporate Partners
Current market dynamics require that corporations remain keenly aware of emerging technology, whether in terms of cost savings or new product evolution. Radius works with our clients’ R&D, market analysis and purchasing teams in order to craft a detailed strategy for identify new technology. This involves closely coordinated planning and a rigorous look at how our clients need to be positioned at one, five and ten year marks. This close working relationship allows Radius to employ its full resources when working to identify solutions for our corporate clients.

After being armed with a detailed strategy, Radius is able to engage various entities to identify, vet, and foster the development of critical game-changing technology. This targeted approach reduces costs and creates a system that is highly responsive to the specific needs of corporations operating in dynamic sectors. Once identified, Radius works with all parties to oversee ongoing product development, market analysis and implementation planning in order to ensure a seamless commercialization of the new product.